Why lie? - BUTFF expo

Diede Martens

"Pssst Secret, don't tell..."

We all have secrets we like to hide. Some secrets are locked up forever, others go around like a running fire. Dominique van den Burg, as curator, reflects on how we deal with our secrets and finds it is important to make taboos negotiable. We are stuck with values and patterns of thought that are determined by our own culture, religion, beliefs and expectations about how the other person sees us. 'Why Lie?' does not provide the solution for how we can get rid of this, but it does stimulate the visitor to look taboos straight in the eye. With the exhibition Dominique allows the public to relate to images of power, taboos and shame. She selected work by five young artists: Ahmad Mallah (Breda), Diede Martens (Breda), Frank Willems ('s-Hertogenbosch), Joris Roosen (Breda) and Sander Coers (Rotterdam).

For the third year in a row the KOP foundation works together with BUT Film Festival. As a young curator, Dominique van den Burg is putting together an exhibition that ties in thematically with the festival theme 'Holy Shit!' 'Why Lie?' is also Dominique's graduation project at the Academie voor Kunst en Vormgeving st.Joost in Breda. From 2 to 6 September the exhibition is free of charge at Chassé Cinema (foyer at room 3), the courtyard at St. Janstraat 18 and café 't Hijgend Hert in Breda.

Opening: Wednesday 2 September at 7 pm. location: Binnenplein st.Janstraat 18, Breda.

Opening hours: thursday 3 till sunday 6 sept from 15.30 - 22.00 hrs.

Please note: In connection with the corona measures, the exhibition will be organised with a distance of one and a half meters from other visitors. You may have to wait a while for other visitors to leave an exhibition area.